Emergency Show & Tell

On May 15, Alliance for Response Philly and the Philadelphia Area Conservation Association (PACA) teamed up for an Emergency Kit show and tell event at Temple University’s Paley Library. 20 conservators, archivists, and museum professionals attended.

Ian Bogus

Ian Bogus, formally the MacDonald Curator of Preservation at University of Pennsylvania Libraries, offered a very helpful power point presentation chronicling his experience writing and assembling the Libraries’ first ever official emergency plan. In his presentation he described what the plan entails and the sorts of supplies they keep on hand. Perhaps more useful to folks about to embark on such a venture, he also outlined who was involved in the creation of the plan, what and how long (5 years!) it took to get it written, approved, and put into action.

Samantha Forsko

Samantha Forsko, Preservation Specialist at CCAHA, talked about her previous work experience as a collections manager at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. There, she was a member of the institution’s Emergency Preparedness Committee and Risk Management Task Force, and worked with these two committees to help write the museum’s emergency plan. She also talked about the shared supply cache assembled by the Suburban Philadelphia AFR and brought examples of real emergency preparedness plans for meeting attendees to take a closer look at.

Meeting attendees joined in the sharing during a brief Q&A following the presentations. Some people had brought in copies of their institutional plans, which were passed around. A set of emergency kits were also brought in to be examined.

At the conclusion of the formal program, some meeting attendees retreated to Temple’s nearby watering hole, the Draught Horse for libations and continued emergency preparedness conversation.

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